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Rieter RSB-951 Draw Frames 16×48, 1996 year

Year: 1996
Single delivery
Delivery can size: 16 x 48 inches
Creel can size: 40 x 48 inches
Autoleveler: Sliver Monitor II
centralized cleaning, static creel with 6 ends

Inventory Number: 16280

Quantity: 2

Rieter RSB-D30 Draw Frames, 2000 year

Rieter Drawing model D-30
Year: 2000
Single delivery
Autoleveler: yes
6 end static creel, 450mm x1220mm can size, auto-doff, centralized cleaning

Inventory Number: 16289

Quantity: 2

Rieter SB D-22 Drawing Machine, 2014 year

Rieter Drawing model SB-D 22
Year: 2014
Double delivery
Delivery can size: 40×48 inches
1st pass drawing, power creels for a doubling of 6-fold with 1000mm cans in 2 rows, auto can changer, centralized cleaning.

Inventory Number: 16207

Quantity: 3