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Crosrol MK5C Cards 1998 year

Year: 1998
Chute feed: Crosrol
Autoleveler: yes
Coiler: can work 40×48 or 40×60 can size.
Auto doff

Inventory number: 16057

Rieter C-70 Carding Machines, 2014 yr

Rieter Card model C-70
Year: 2014
1.5 meter, triple licker-in, 100% Graf cotton wire clothed in 2017. IGS unit on cylinder and licker-in, no autoleveler, C70S chute feed, air doff delivery, able to produce 350 lbs(159 kilos)/hour.

Inventory Number: 16301

Quantity: 6

Rieter OE Spinning model R-40 2006 year

2-Rieter OE Spinning model R-40
Year: 2006
Positions: 400
Piecers: 2
Clearer: Uster Quantum 2
Take-up: tube
Combing roll: B174DN
Navel: Nano 4
33 XT5 B EC rotors

Year: 2006

Inventory Number: 16124

Rieter RSB-951 Draw Frames 16×48, 1996 year

Year: 1996
Single delivery
Delivery can size: 16 x 48 inches
Creel can size: 40 x 48 inches
Autoleveler: Sliver Monitor II
centralized cleaning, static creel with 6 ends

Inventory Number: 16280

Quantity: 2

Rieter RSB-D30 Draw Frames, 2000 year

Rieter Drawing model D-30
Year: 2000
Single delivery
Autoleveler: yes
6 end static creel, 450mm x1220mm can size, auto-doff, centralized cleaning

Inventory Number: 16289

Quantity: 2

Rieter SB D-22 Drawing Machine, 2014 year

Rieter Drawing model SB-D 22
Year: 2014
Double delivery
Delivery can size: 40×48 inches
1st pass drawing, power creels for a doubling of 6-fold with 1000mm cans in 2 rows, auto can changer, centralized cleaning.

Inventory Number: 16207

Quantity: 2

Schlafhorst ACO312 SE-11 OE spinning, 240 positions, 2002 year

8-Schlafhorst OE Spinning model SE-11 ACO 312
Year: 2002
Positions: 240
Piecers: 2
Rotor diameter: 30mm
Clearer: Quantum
Take-up: SRZ (cylindrical)
Combing roll: B174DN
Navel: KSK6
magnetic rotor system, white torque stop

Inventory Number: 16210

Quantity: 8

Schlafhorst Model 238 UWP-X Winders

Schlafhorst Winder model 238 UWP-X
Year: 1991
Positions: 60
Auto feed
Auto doff
Clearer: Uster Polymatic MKC-15 heads
Take-up: Conical
Stainless steel 2 turn drums, magazine feed, air splicer, blower,10
spindle conveyors
Inventory number 16321

Schlafhorst SE-10 SRK-P ACO 288 OE Spinning machines 1997 year

5-Schlafhorst OE Spinning model SE-10 ACO 288 SRK-P
Year: 1997
Positions: 288
Piecers: 2
Clearer: Corolab
Take-up: 3-51conical (can be converted to tube)
Combing roll: B174DN
Navel: KN-8 and KSK6 magnetic type
30mm rotors. doffer
white torque stop

Inventory Number: 16058

Quantity: 5

Schlafhorst SE-11 ACO312 OE Spinning 312 pos., 2003/5 year

12-Schlafhorst OE Spinning model SE-11 ACO312 SRZ-P
Year: 2003/5
Positions: 312
Piecers: 2
Clearer: Quantum 2
Take-up: cylindrical
Combing roll: B174DN (cotton)
33mm and 36mm magnetic rotors.
Inventory number 16320