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80” Menzel J Scray

Stainless Steel Tubular Construction

(Favored to allow Material to slid)

Top Pull Roll Grooved, With Motor, Adjustable Tension Exit Rolls.

Inventory Number: 16194

Krantz Scray model 150″

Year: 2004
Width: 150 inches
Top pull roll, nip/motor, fix scray with adjustable side panels, stainless steel scray. Entry driven stainless steel scroll roll, motor, controls.

Inventory number: 15924

Mahlo Scray 144 inch width 2004 yr.

Year: 2004
Width: 144 inches
Two roll entry pull station with motor, one (1) counter balance compensator for tight strand operations to control the fabric accumulation in the scray. Exit tension devise with exit Idler Roll, yardage counter, operator, control station.

Inventory number: 15925