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150” Bianco Two Roll Extractor Pad

1 – 150” Bianco Two Roll Extractor Pad


Driven Adjustable SS Scroll Roll

DC Vertical Motor/ Gear Box

SS Drip Pan

No Controls

Inventory Number: 16184

193” Kuster Swim Roll Finishing Pad, Model 222.54, 4800MM

193” Face Rolls

Fabr # 10431669

Siemem DC Motor/Controls

18” Diameter Swim Roll

12” Diameter Bottom Roll

Hydraulic Pressure Control System

Stainless Steel Lift adjustable Immersion Pan

6” Diameter Stainless Steel Roll

Entry Rolls

460 Volts

Inventory Number: 16183

78” Saturator Finishing Pad

1 – 78” Saturator Finishing Pad

Two 12” diameter Vertical Rubber/Rubber Rolls

Stainless Steel Dip Pan with Stainless Steel Immersion Roll, Motor

Pressure Pneumatic Control for the roll pressure

DC Motor / Gear Box

No Controls

Inventory Number: 16180

80” Digital Mahlo Weft Straightener

1 – 80” -Digital Mahlo Weft Straightener

Type  RFMC-10P

Fabr. Nr. 25/684P/22535

440 3AC  Volts

4 – Camera Sensors


Inventory Number: 16191

Artos Pad model 126″ Two Roll Pad

Year: 1995
Type: Pneumatic
Width: 126 inches
Pressure: 10 tons
Number of rolls: 2
Roll diameter: 16 inches
Dip pan information: single dip stainless steel
Alignment: vertical with driven rubber scroll roll, single dip stainless steel pan, DC motor, add tank, pump, and spare rubber roll

Inventory Number: 14753

B.F. Perkins Calendar 2-roll , 80 inch,90 ton, 1996 yr

Number of rolls: 2 Heat source: Gas
Width: 80 inch
Pressure type: Hydraulic
2 (90kw) heat zones, Max Flow rate 100 GPM, 90 ton pressure capacity, completely refurbished and never reinstalled. Rigged and ready for delivery.

Inventory Number: 16307

Beta Mfg. 3 Roll Pad 150″ width

Year: 1999
150″ width 3-roll Finishing Pad, single immersion roll pan with Pneumatic Pan lifting system (2002) Entry Guiders Tandamatic Set Plate Uncurling with Adjustable Bridge, 2-Stainless Steel Add Tanks with mixer, pumping system, (2007) converted pad drive from DC to AC Vector drive system, spare roll.

Inventory number: 15465

Bianco Detwister

Automatic with sensor for detecting faults twist. Rotating hub with adjustable rolls with drive for eliminating faults twist, operator contol panel.

Inventory number: 15923

Bianco Guider model Dogul 04

Year: 1999
90″, 85″ working width, slat roll guider, driven scroll roll, 460 volts.

Inventory number: 14933

Birch Brothers Batcher 86″ 1996 year

Birch Brothers Batcher model Serial #48-531
Year: 1996
Type: Automatic
Width: 84 ???
Max roll build-up diameter: 48 ???
Birch Automatic 3 Roll Fabric Batcher, Transfer Doffing System, Fabric Bar Feeder, Dual Yardage Counters, New Ac Motor & controls.

Inventory Number: 16002

Birch Brothers Batcher model 2004 AC Drives

Year: 1990
Type: Automatic
Max roll build-up diameter: 48 ???
84″ Birch Brother, 3 Roll Automatic Fabric Batcher, Pneumatic Horizontal Lift Saw Chain Cutter, Roll Feed System, Yardage Counters, 2004 Vertical AC Motor,Knit/woven

Inventory number: 16000