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150” Bianco Two Roll Extractor Pad

1 – 150” Bianco Two Roll Extractor Pad


Driven Adjustable SS Scroll Roll

DC Vertical Motor/ Gear Box

SS Drip Pan

No Controls

Inventory Number: 16184

150” Heavy Duty Cradle A

1 – 150” Heavy Duty Cradle A

4 –Rolls

Non Driven

4 -8” Diameter Bottom Rolls

Inventory Number: 16175

157” Cradles E / F, Byars Mfg.

2 – 157” Cradle E / F, Byars Mfg.

Low Profile

5” – 6” Diameter Rolls

Non Driven

Adjustable Side Plates

Inventory Number: 16172

Quantity: 2

193” Kuster Swim Roll Finishing Pad, Model 222.54, 4800MM

193” Face Rolls

Fabr # 10431669

Siemem DC Motor/Controls

18” Diameter Swim Roll

12” Diameter Bottom Roll

Hydraulic Pressure Control System

Stainless Steel Lift adjustable Immersion Pan

6” Diameter Stainless Steel Roll

Entry Rolls

460 Volts

Inventory Number: 16183

72” Menzel Dual Cradle Unwinder C

1 – 72” Menzel Dual Cradle Unwinder C

Unwinds Two 72” Fabric Rolls Maximum wide

4 – Rolls Each Side

Each Side Driven

DC Motor /Control

8” Diameter Rolls

Center Separator

Two Adjustable Separators

12”- 60” Roll Diameter

Inventory Number: 16173

78” Saturator Finishing Pad

1 – 78” Saturator Finishing Pad

Two 12” diameter Vertical Rubber/Rubber Rolls

Stainless Steel Dip Pan with Stainless Steel Immersion Roll, Motor

Pressure Pneumatic Control for the roll pressure

DC Motor / Gear Box

No Controls

Inventory Number: 16180

80” Digital Mahlo Weft Straightener

1 – 80” -Digital Mahlo Weft Straightener

Type  RFMC-10P

Fabr. Nr. 25/684P/22535

440 3AC  Volts

4 – Camera Sensors


Inventory Number: 16191

90” Cradle D, Byars Mfg.

1 – 90” Cradle D , Byars Mfg.

Low Profile)

5” –  6“ Diameter Rolls

Non Driven

Adjustable Side Plates

Inventory Number: 16174

Artos Pad model 126″ Two Roll Pad

Year: 1995
Type: Pneumatic
Width: 126 inches
Pressure: 10 tons
Number of rolls: 2
Roll diameter: 16 inches
Dip pan information: single dip stainless steel
Alignment: vertical with driven rubber scroll roll, single dip stainless steel pan, DC motor, add tank, pump, and spare rubber roll

Inventory Number: 14753

B.F. Perkins Calendar 2-roll , 80 inch,90 ton, 1996 yr

Number of rolls: 2 Heat source: Gas
Width: 80 inch
Pressure type: Hydraulic
2 (90kw) heat zones, Max Flow rate 100 GPM, 90 ton pressure capacity, completely refurbished and never reinstalled. Rigged and ready for delivery.

Inventory Number: 16307

Beta Mfg. 3 Roll Pad 150″ width

Year: 1999
150″ width 3-roll Finishing Pad, single immersion roll pan with Pneumatic Pan lifting system (2002) Entry Guiders Tandamatic Set Plate Uncurling with Adjustable Bridge, 2-Stainless Steel Add Tanks with mixer, pumping system, (2007) converted pad drive from DC to AC Vector drive system, spare roll.

Inventory number: 15465

Bianco Detwister

Automatic with sensor for detecting faults twist. Rotating hub with adjustable rolls with drive for eliminating faults twist, operator contol panel.

Inventory number: 15923

Bianco Guider 150″ width

Spreading and Centering, 150″ roll face, two driven scroll rolls with adjustable hand wheel, two roll centering roll guider with pneumatic control, edge sensor with manual adjustment for different fabric widths, operator control station.

Inventory number: 15921

Bianco Guider 160″ width

Bianco spreading and centering guider, 160″ face roll, two driven scroll rolls with adjustable for fabric tension, two roll centering roll guider pneumatic control, edge sensor adjustable bridge.150″ lighted inspection board, motor, drive, control panel.

Inventory number: 15922