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Comet-Prat Italy Polisher model Ampella

Year: 1996
80″, Entry:(2) 12″ Wire Rolls, 22″ Nomex Blanket with Hydraulic Tensioning System, Guiding 10″ Electric Heated Polishing Chrome Roll, Pneumatic Cylinder raises and lifts heated roll to fabric, AC Inverter Drive Softronics G3 + Transformer, 480 Volts to 380 Volts

Inventory number: 14866

Parks & Woolson Polisher Line

Parks & Woolson Polisher model polishing range
Width: 120 inches
Motor information: 480 volt 3 ph, 60 cycle
All motors and controls (ABB) are included
Parks & Woolson brushing/polishing range consisting of:
A)120″ width accumulator, 11 rolls up and 12 rolls down, 75 yd. cap.
B) Pull roll tensioner stand
C)120″ width polisher, belt type, electric heat, with wire brush roll
D) 120″ width merrow 70D3B sewing head and rail
E) 120″ width polisher/brusher, belt type, with wire brushes
F) E&L 130″ widthslat expander guider, Type SW8570
G) 120″ width accumulator with 8 rolls up and 9 rolls down, 50 yd. cap.
H) Operator platform

Inventory number: 15996