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Menzel Dryer Pre model 120 DR 120″ width

Year: 1997
Type: Vertical
Heat source: Gas
Width: 120 inches
Number of passes: 1
Burner manufacturer: Maxon with gas train, and control panel

Inventory number: 14738

Radiant Systems Pre Heater

Unknown Dryer Pre
Width: 132 inches
Radiant Systems Pre Heater, IR Heater for tenter frame, horizontal IR airflow lifter, main oven assembly 132″ length X 72″ width including air plenums, plenum piping, heater wiring, 4 legs frame mount over tenter rail entry section, pneumatic lifter, thermonitor temperature system, 1-5hp. oven air blower, 1-hp. air knife blower.

Inventory number: 15929