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86” Intra Mfg. Automatic Continuous Batcher, Model SRW45

1996 Year

10m “ Diameter Rolls

Saw Tooth Fabric Cutting System

Roll Hold Downs

Doffing system

Feed Bar Tube System

Safety Stops Entry and Exit machine

Capacity 20” – 45” Diameter Roll

Complete with Motor

Drives and Controls

Inventory Number: 16186

Birch Brothers Batcher 86″ 1996 year

Birch Brothers Batcher model Serial #48-531
Year: 1996
Type: Automatic
Width: 84 ???
Max roll build-up diameter: 48 ???
Birch Automatic 3 Roll Fabric Batcher, Transfer Doffing System, Fabric Bar Feeder, Dual Yardage Counters, New Ac Motor & controls.

Inventory Number: 16002

Birch Brothers Batcher model 2004 AC Drives

Year: 1990
Type: Automatic
Max roll build-up diameter: 48 ???
84″ Birch Brother, 3 Roll Automatic Fabric Batcher, Pneumatic Horizontal Lift Saw Chain Cutter, Roll Feed System, Yardage Counters, 2004 Vertical AC Motor,Knit/woven

Inventory number: 16000