Bastian Winder 1990 year



Bastian Winder 1990 year

Max. Product Roll dia. 51”.

Max. Space between chucks when open, 190”. Max width.   (was running at 185”).

Min. space between chucks when close, 116”. Min. width.  (Was running at 130”).

Machine was running at the end of a spunbond line, various thicknesses, with the lightest at 100 grams/sq. meter.

Reliable for the last 25 years. Will run any type of nonwoven.


Speed 40 YPM.    (Depending on the Accumulator).

Has no drives, (first customer keep them). 3 HP Inverter duty A.C. Gear motors

*Factory Edge Guiding System.

* Factory Score slitting, with 4” OD Case hardened rollers.

* Two (2) Walk ways.

* ALL control cabinets

* Auto doff.

* Auto tube feed.

* ALL Installation-Start up- Running, manuals.

* Both Bed rolls as well the Tension roll are a vulcanized rubber covered rollers.

Bastian Lay-out-Model