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Bianco Guider 150″ width

Spreading and Centering, 150″ roll face, two driven scroll rolls with adjustable hand wheel, two roll centering roll guider with pneumatic control, edge sensor with manual adjustment for different fabric widths, operator control station.

Inventory number: 15921

Bianco Guider 160″ width

Bianco spreading and centering guider, 160″ face roll, two driven scroll rolls with adjustable for fabric tension, two roll centering roll guider pneumatic control, edge sensor adjustable bridge.150″ lighted inspection board, motor, drive, control panel.

Inventory number: 15922

Bianco Guider model Dogul 04

Year: 1999
90″, 85″ working width, slat roll guider, driven scroll roll, 460 volts.

Inventory number: 14933

Birch Brothers Batcher 86″ 1996 year

Birch Brothers Batcher model Serial #48-531
Year: 1996
Type: Automatic
Width: 84 ???
Max roll build-up diameter: 48 ???
Birch Automatic 3 Roll Fabric Batcher, Transfer Doffing System, Fabric Bar Feeder, Dual Yardage Counters, New Ac Motor & controls.

Inventory Number: 16002

Birch Brothers Batcher model 2004 AC Drives

Year: 1990
Type: Automatic
Max roll build-up diameter: 48 ???
84″ Birch Brother, 3 Roll Automatic Fabric Batcher, Pneumatic Horizontal Lift Saw Chain Cutter, Roll Feed System, Yardage Counters, 2004 Vertical AC Motor,Knit/woven

Inventory number: 16000

Calator A-Frame Winder 120″ width

2-Calator A-Frame Winder
Width: 120 inches
fabric preparation machine, roll to A Frame. Driven Scroll
Rolls, 140″ 6 roll driven cradle, motor, control panel.

Inventory Number: 16032

Comet-Prat Italy Polisher model Ampella

Year: 1996
80″, Entry:(2) 12″ Wire Rolls, 22″ Nomex Blanket with Hydraulic Tensioning System, Guiding 10″ Electric Heated Polishing Chrome Roll, Pneumatic Cylinder raises and lifts heated roll to fabric, AC Inverter Drive Softronics G3 + Transformer, 480 Volts to 380 Volts

Inventory number: 14866

Curtin Hebert Sander/Sueder model 710

Year: 1993
Width: 84 inches
Number of rolls: 1
SN# 080-93, single cylinder, centerwind take-up and let-off, Tandematic plate edge guiders, brush roll, all motors and controls

Inventory number: 15190

Dyeing Beam Machines

Unknown Dye Beams
84″ wide x 18″ Diameter, Stainless Steel Dye Beams (used for 90″ Tri-Weld Beam Dyeing Machine)

Inventory number: 15225