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Ferraro Open Width Compactor Comptex Year: 2000

Ferraro Compactor model Comptex/RE-2500
Year: 2000
Open Width Compactor consisiting of: tension bar to Corino lattice
roll guider, FLC3 control to compensator to scroll roll to operator
platform to 30 feet PUP tenter with vertical pin chain, Tandematic
plate guiders, overfeed, E&L rail guiders, pinning brushes,
fabric steamer to cmpactin bench with new felts to operator
platform to flat folder or inline inspection batcher with edge
Inventory number 16333

Krantz A-Frame Batcher model 140″ width

Krantz A-Frame Batcher model A -Frame 140″
Year: 2002, 140″ Center or Surface winder,
Tension Rolls, Driven Scroll Rolls, Compensator,
J Scray, AC Drives System, A-frame guiding system.

Inventory Number: 15439

Krantz Scray model 150″

Year: 2004
Width: 150 inches
Top pull roll, nip/motor, fix scray with adjustable side panels, stainless steel scray. Entry driven stainless steel scroll roll, motor, controls.

Inventory number: 15924

Lessco Slot Coater 80″ working width

Year: 1999
80″ S/S Spray Coater, (Currently Used for Scotch Guard Coating)
2-Stainless Steel Ad/Mix Tanks, Complete System, Used on Tenter Frame Prior to First Dryer Section.

Inventory Number: 15628

Quantity: 2


Mahlo Scray 144 inch width 2004 yr.

Year: 2004
Width: 144 inches
Two roll entry pull station with motor, one (1) counter balance compensator for tight strand operations to control the fabric accumulation in the scray. Exit tension devise with exit Idler Roll, yardage counter, operator, control station.

Inventory number: 15925

Marshall & Williams Tenter Rail

Fabricated Rail 4 Banjo entry and exit rails, 15′ length, 20″ turnaround, 15″ rails, turnaround sprockets, clip opening, 18-intermediate rails, 10′ lengths, 15″ wide fabricated rails.

Inventory number: 15786

Menzel Singeing Machine model 132 SI

Year: 1989
Type: Carrier rolls
Width: 130 inches
Number of burners: 8
Number of fabric passes: 1
Ignition type: Electronic
Type gas switches / train Pyronics
pn. operated swing away burners, blower and exhaust,

Inventory number: 15230

Pernick Inspection 136″ width

136″ inspection machine, table #2, Krantz pull roll, lighted viewing board, yardage counter, operator’s platform, electric knife, tube holder, 4-roll surface winder, 139″ X 8″ rolls, two roll transfer roll, tensionless system, with controls, A-frame center unwind.

Inventory number: 15459