Asselin Needle Punch Line model 900S Series 5900


Asselin Needle Punch Line model 900S Series 5900
Year: 1979
Asselin Needle Punch Line 188 inch width, series 5900, weights
of fabric PP with min. of 6 oz./sq. yd., and max of 50 oz/sq
yd, 800 RPM needle loom, 40 ft/min. line throughput, 75 HP 460
VAC (AC inverter drive) 1800 RPM, Asselin Crosslapper type 350
completely rebuilt in 2014 year, Wise 20-30webformer, Garnett
84 inch width model 35-A, Wise Shaker, Wise Picker Model HWO-36,
3 Hunter blenders Fiber Meter #FC360, conveyor and Fiber Controls
Opener, 200 inch width surface driven unwind & 200 inch width
surface winder with press roll, Fife center guide unit with 6
roll accumulator with 10 ft. travel 180 inch wide shaft unwind
behind crosslapper for sandwich layer process. Line comes with
spare needle boards, newly clothed spare rolls still in box,
spare gearboxes, bearings and belts. Many spare parts stored
in supply room
Inventory number 16209

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