130″ width Sanding range

Byars Sander / Sueder model sanding range
Year: 1995
Width: 130 inches
Number of rolls: 6
Motor information: Quantum 111 digital dc drive unit and controls
complete sanding range consisting of:entry scray 130″ width
with driven pull roll and set of E&L KF 2040 guiders, Byars
6 roll vertical sander with 3 sanding rolls and 3 carbonized
brush rolls independently driven 130″ face width, 2: 4 bag dust
collection units, exit scray 130″ width with E&L KF2040 guiders,
2 roll hydraulic edge guided surface wind batcher 130″
width, Merrow 130″ width sewing rail and motorized head, cloth kicker
table, conveyor exit section, range is complete with all motors
and controls. Spare carbonized brush rolls
Inventory number 15859

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