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Textima Pin / Clip Tenter Range, 90 inch width: UpGraded 2004 Allen Brady Inverter Drives

A – 1996 – 90” E & L Stainless Steel Entry Guiders, Driven Scroll Rolls, pivot 3 roll guider, Digital Controls

B- 90” maximum width, vertical Pin / Clip tenter chain , over/under feed system, bow/skew , E & L Rail and pinning System.

C – 90” Textima tenter , low profiles dryer, 12 – maxon burner, 6 – Zone , 60’ Dryer with impingement top and bottom air nozzles,
12- AC Variable Speed circulation, blowers and motors, Two Exhaust Units fans / blowers mounted on the top the dryer one on each end of the tenter frame, Exhausted though Roof to atmosphere.

D – 90” Textima cooling top / bottom Nozzle Impingement ,blower, motor, Exhausted though Roof to atmosphere.

E – 84” Birch Brothers, 3 Roll roll automatic continues fabric batcher, AC / Drives, Motor, pneumatic vertical dual lift chain saw cutting system.

F – 90” Textima Pin / Clip Tenter Range only used in production as back up tenter range, cleaning good condition.

90” Textima was dismantle by mechanical contractor ,all electrical and mechanical parts where matched marked, tenter is skidded
and on pallets. Drawing are available. The Textima tenter chain has been inspected and told it is in good condition. we have been able to locate chain Mfg. that can provide new chain if required.

Note: Textima tenter frame can be sold separately from the range. Will consider the selling the entry and exit equipment individually if there is an interest.

Click here to see a YouTube video of the machine!!!!

Inventory Number: 15999